In Print: Art/Lit Publishers United is a small alliance of bi-annual Canadian literary magazines made up of CAROUSEL, The Feathertale Review and Poetry Is Dead




CAROUSEL is an exquisitely produced hybrid literary/arts magazine representing both new & established artists; the journal emphasizes the creative investigation of art and literary forms, and, in particular, their new-genre overlaps.

a delicious paper treat created with care for the tasteful reader with a ravenous appetite for contemporary culture.” — David Morand, Naked Air Literary Review
“… quirky and curious …”
The NewPages Literary Magazine Reviews
“Skyrockets. Unadulterated joy. Wonderment.”
— Ardessa-Nica Jesseau, Curator of the Lint Museum
“… my aging eyes can’t take the tiny type-face!”
— J. Kates, Literary Magazine Review (v.24, No.4)
a fantastic arts/literary annual. It is simply one of the best in the country.”
— Yassun, terminus1525.ca

More at: carouselmagazine.ca



The Feathertale Review is an award-winning humour magazine — a voice for a new generation of artists and writers at the fore of Canada’s literary satire scene.

“This Ottawa-based collection of poetry, cartoons and short articles is a tad hit-and-miss. But it mostly hits.” — Ottawa Citizen
“Tie a ribbon around a cool selection of Canadian independent mags such as Ottawa’s satirical Feathertale Review.” — National Post’s 2010 Made in Canada wish list
“I was pleased to see the award for magazine cover going to The Feathertale Review. They have a wicked satirical sense in prose and illustration and somehow manage to create this little gem of a magazine as a sideline to their day jobs.” — D.B. Scott, editor of Canadian Magazines

More at: feathertale.com




Poetry Is Dead Magazine is a publication devoted to the freshest poetry in Canada. 80 pages of art, essays, poetry and review, this little magazine has received acclaim around the world.

“The second issue of Canada’s Poetry Is Dead proves the art form is anything but.” Monocle Magazine
“PID is home to some really outstanding poetry.”
Stack Magazines

More at: poetryisdead.ca

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